Online consultations

How do I schedule and pay for the consult?

To schedule an online consult, sign on to your PHR Charm Portal (if you are a return client) or select a time from the live calendar (you will be asked to sign-in or create an account). Consults are paid for at the time of scheduling, and can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 48 hours before your visit.

What if I have to cancel my consultation?

Due to the demand on Dr. Taylor's schedule, we require that you cancel or reschedule your visit 48 hours in advance. Refunds are not available if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice. If there is an emergency or extenuating circumstances please let us know, we are willing to work with the unexpected events that life can bring. In the case of a no-call/no-show you will be receive a message from Sarah reminding you of our policy. In the case of two no-call/no-shows we will not be able to schedule you. Please respect our time! If you need to cancel or reschedule please contact Sarah at

How does the video consult actually work?

All video consultations are done through Charm. We have elected to  integrate Zoom (a video calling application) into our Charm in order to streamline the process. You will be walked through downloading Zoom when you log into your first video conference call. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a direct link to "call-in" for the video conference. If you do not have access to a computer with a camera you can still call in the old fashioned way. Just follow the URL link sent to you at the time of the consult and a phone number will appear that you can call into, as if it were a conference call.

When should I call into the consult?

Calling into the video consult will be like checking in at the doctor's office. Sign into your consultation a few minutes before your scheduled time. Dr. Taylor will see that you are ready once you have done so, and will call in to the same consultation. It is not uncommon for Dr. Taylor to be a few minutes late as she moves quickly from one consultation to the next - we thank you for your patience.

What can I expect from a distance consult?

During this consult, Dr. Taylor can provide you with information about your work-up, diagnosis, and treatment to-date, and educate you regarding possible next steps that you can discuss with your medical providers. Dr. Taylor cannot order labs or imaging, diagnose your condition, prescribe particular treatments, or in other ways act as your physician via these consults. These consults should be considered educational in nature only, and do no substitute for proper medical care. Anything discussed during these consults should first be reviewed by your medical team and implemented only if deemed safe and appropriate.

Can Dr. Taylor be my doctor?

Given the limitations of Dr. Taylor’s license, she cannot be your physician without first seeing you in-person. You are welcome to schedule an in-person visit with her at West Seattle Natural Medicine. Once you establish a physician-patient relationship with Dr. Taylor in-person, she will be able to order labs and imaging, write prescriptions, and otherwise act as your physician. Any additional follow-up visits must be scheduled with West Seattle Natural Medicine.

Should I get my SIBO breath test done and results in before scheduling with Dr. Taylor?

If you feel as though you may have SIBO, consider requesting a lactulose breath test - a 3 hour test that measures both hydrogen and methane gas - from your healthcare provider. This test requires a prescription, so it must be requested from a licensed medical provider. For those who do not have access to in-person testing, you can complete a mail order test. See this page for companies that offer this testing.

How long of a visit should I schedule?

If you have 1-2 quick questions or would like to get a feel for what online consults entail, then a 15-minute visit should suffice. However, if you are new to seeing Dr. Taylor, would like to discuss your case history with Dr. Taylor in detail and have a lengthy health history that you like to review during the visit, we encourage you to reserve 30-60 minutes.

Will Dr. Taylor review my records prior to visits?

When scheduling a consult, you are reserving Dr. Taylor’s time during that consult only. While she strives to be prepared for your consult, she cannot guarantee that she will be able to review extensive records prior to your scheduled time. You are responsible for uploading any records that you would like to have reviewed during the consult via the Charm PHR Portal. You will have access to this Portal after scheduling your first consult.

How can I share records or get notes from the consult?

All consultation summaries will be available directly after your consult. You can access them through your Charm PHR Portal whenever you would like. You can upload pertinent records directly to your Charm Account - this by far the easiest way to do so, as Dr. Taylor will have immediate and secure access to them. You can also fax documents directly to Dr. Taylor using the fax number 206-502-1024

Can I contact Dr. Taylor between visits for additional guidance or urgent questions or concerns?

As Dr. Taylor is not your physician, she cannot guarantee availability between visits to address any questions or concerns. If you are experiencing an urgent need, please contact your medical provider or go to urgent care. You are welcome to ask clarifying questions via the Charm PHR Portal regarding information provided at your consult, however any extensive or new questions will require you to schedule an additional consult. We suggest you schedule recurring consults in advance if you feel as though you may have additional questions, as Dr. Taylor’s schedule can fill up quickly.

Can I record online consultations with Dr. Taylor?

No, please do not record online consultations with Dr. Taylor. We understand that a lot of information is disseminated during a consultation and that it can be overwhelming to attempt to remember everything. Dr. Taylor takes extensive notes each consultation that are available to you through your ChARM Portal. It is also helpful to take your own notes during consultations! As always, you can reach out to Dr. Taylor through your ChARM Portal about any clarifications you may have regarding the content of a previous consultation.

in-person Visits

Where is West Seattle Natural Medicine?

West Seattle Natural Medicine is located off of California Avenue between the Junction and the Admiral districts in West Seattle. You can find easy street parking on California Avenue and in the surrounding neighborhood. The address of the clinic is 3256 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116.

How do I schedule?

New patient visits are scheduled by calling 206-938-1393.  All follow-ups can be scheduled online via the Charm PHR Portal, view these helpful directions for online scheduling. 

What is the fax number for the clinic?

The fax number for the clinic is (206) 922-5322.

What should I expect from my initial visits?

First office visits are typically 60 minutes and involve a thorough review of your health history and current health goals. Dr. Taylor takes her time so that she may have complete understanding of your physical and mental wellbeing. This holistic approach gives her broad perspective on your health and that results in truly individualized care. Dr. Taylor will often orders labs such as blood work and diagnostic imaging if she deems it necessary to fully investigate and understand any issues.

Dr Taylor does offer an extended new patient office visit (90 min) for those who want to reserve more time with Dr. Taylor at the initial consult. These visits are well-suited for individuals with a particularly complex health history, significant number of records to review, or for those who are traveling from out of town. These visits are a cash service only.

In person follow-ups are typically 30-45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your concern.

Does Dr. Taylor Take insurance?

We are in network with Premera, Regence, Lifewise, First Choice, Cigna and Kaiser Permanente (only the "Options" plan)

We are out of network with United Healthcare and Aetna. For these patients we can provide reimbursement forms and a receipt for the patient to submit to their insurance independently.

We are out of network with Molina, Ambetter, WA Apple Health, Medicare and Medicaid. These companies do not provide reimbursement.

What are my options if I am paying Cash?

Cash rates vary and depend on the complexity of your case and time spent with Dr. Taylor. Cash prices listed below are average charges and should not be taken as guaranteed costs. If you need a to stay below a specific dollar amount or want to know the exact price please speak with the front desk prior to your appointment.  She does offer an extended new patient office visit for those who are not using insurance, have particularly complicated cases, and want to reserve more time with Dr. Taylor at the initial consult. See estimated prices below:

New Patient (60 - 90 min) $200-$300

Return Office Visits (30 - 45 min) range from $120 to $175

Can you do follow-ups via phone?

Yes, however these are a cash service only and cannot be billed to insurance.

Does Dr. Taylor see patients from out-of-state?

Yes. Dr. Taylor welcomes patients from across the country, and internationally.

Can you accept insurance for patients that are out-of-state?

Yes, so long as you have naturopathic coverage and confirm with your insurance that she is in-network prior to your visit.

How should I travel to Seattle?

There is public transportation directly from Seattle International airport that will get you into town. There are few hotels in the West Seattle neighborhood. The Grove offers affordable and comfortable rooms and is just a quick drive (or bus ride) from the clinic. There are also many Bed and Breakfasts’ in the area and plenty of other accommodations if you are willing to stay outside of West Seattle.