Which treatment pathway is the best?


That is such a common question (and understandably so) but when it comes down to it there really is no "right" way. In my experience, people respond to the same treatments differently. You're unique! We know you have heard it before but it is so very true. When it comes to treating your body and it's distinct history it will be a very specific combination of supplements, antimicrobial treatments and lifestyle changes (among other factors) that will create positive change. It's simple - different health solutions work for different people. A few common questions about the tools I use to treat SIBO and why:

I have diarrhea, why do I need a pro-kinetic?

In the treatment and prevention of SIBO, pro-kinetics are often used to stimulate the migrating motor complex (AKA janitorial cleansing wave) through the small intestine to prevent bacteria and food particles from accumulating. This is not the only use of pro-kinetics - these medications can also be used to help with gastric emptying, nausea, and constipation, among other things. Pro-kinetic medications are often dosed in the evening for SIBO prevention, and do not (necessarily) impacts large intestine motility, which is why they are often still recommended for folks with diarrhea-type SIBO.

What's the deal with Probiotics?

Confused? So are many...there is research and opinions across the board about the usefulness and efficacy of probiotics in SIBO. Bottom line - there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this topic. Probiotics may be one of the best tools in your toolkit, or trigger significant symptoms - you can't know until you try. But be sure to work with a competent provider to steer you in the direction of quality products that may be most appropriate for your situation. One of my favorite resources for the latest and greatest research on probiotics is The Probiotic Advisor - just search for your symptoms or diagnosis to get links to research on specific strains or blends that may be beneficial.



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